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The Doctor (Emergency Medical Hologram)


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The Doctor!!!

The Doctor
Played By Robert Picardo


The Doctor is the Emergency Medical Holographic program or EMH; he was meant to serve as a temporary short term emergency supplement but he became a full time doctor when the chief medical officer is killed. (Caretaker)

The Doctor creates a pair of holographic lungs for Neelix when the Vidiians steal Neelix's lungs; he asks Kes to become his medical assistant as a replacement for Paris. (The Phage)

Janeway tells the Doctor that they may be able to give him control over his deactivation sequence so that he can turn himself off or prevent someone from turning him off; he decides that he wants a name. (Eye of the Needle)

The Doctor is programed with over 5 million possible treatments. (Ex Post Facto)

The Doctor's completes his first "away mission" when he goes to the holodeck to try to rescue Kim, Chakotay, and Tuvok; he chooses the name Schweitzer but decides not to keep this name because he doesn't want to be reminded of Freya's death. (Heroes and Demons)

Janeway transfers all command codes to the Doctor since he is the only person who can not be influenced by the alien. (Cathexis)

The Doctor can deactivate himself by telling the computer to "override command 1 EMH alpha and end program". (Jetrel)

The Doctor decides he needs to cultivate a greater sensitivity to his patient's needs. (Learning Curve)

The Doctor was activated on stardate 48308.2; when a kinoplasmic radiation surge cause a feedback loop between the holodeck computer and the Doctor's program, it causes the Doctor's memory circuits to be erradicated; he is almost convinced that he is really Dr. Louis Zimmerman, the holo-engineer who created the EMH program and that Voyager is a holo-simulation; the crew is able to correct the problem and prevent the Doctor from destroying his own program. (Projections)

The Doctor performs the rolisisin ritual with Kes. (Elogium)

The Doctor programs himself with the symptoms of the 29 hour Levodian flu so that he can better sympathize with his patients when they are sick; he is miserable and thinks something is wrong when the flu doesn't go away after 29 hours; he later learns that Kes added a couple hours to his computer program. (Tattoo)

The Doctor tells Danara that he has the collective knowledge of more than 3000 cultures; since he was activated, he has perfomed 347 medical exams, healed 11 compound fractures, and performed 3 appendectomys; the Doctor believes the he is experiencing a malfunction since he is romantically attracted to Danara; he convinces Danara to go through with the transfer so that she will stay alive. (Lifesigns)

The Doctor hides Wildman's baby from the Vidiians; he says that he is programmed to be heroic when the need arises. (Deadlock)

Kes has been coaching the Doctor on his diplomatic skills. (Innocence)

Janeway sends the Doctor to negotiate with the Clown since he will be safe from being taken hostage. (The Thaw)

The Doctor finds a way to separate Tuvok and Neelix by using a radioactive isotope that will attach to the DNA of one of them and not the other; as a doctor he must do no harm, so he refuses to perform the procedure since it would mean taking Tuvix's life against his will. (Tuvix)

The Doctor doesn't deactivate himself for a month while he is searching for a cure to the virus that infected Janeway and Chakotay. (Resolutions)

The Doctor gets beamed out into space when Torres activates one of the holo-emitters they are using to project decoy Talaxian ships; he activates his recall program when the Kazon enter sickbay so that he will be deactivated and then reactivated 12 hours later. (Basics, Part 1)

The Doctor and Suder set out to sabotage Voyager in hopes of retaking the ship; he tells Seska that he did all the sabotage by himself with a little help from the computer. (Basics, Part 2)

The Doctor has been studying opera and finds it quite satisfying; he has been practicing the part of Rudolpho in Puccini's "La Boheme"; when the Doctor's experiences a cascade failure in his memory circuits, one of the options is to reinitialize his program; this would reset the database and personality subroutines and restore the original program so the Doctor wouldn't remember any of his experiences of the past 2 year; ,the holographic Zimmerman says that the EMH has a level 4 memory fragmentation; Kes overlays the diagnostic matrix with the Doctor's in order to try to keep the Doctor from losing his memories of the past 2 years; the overlay is successful and the Doctor seems to retain some of his memories. (The Swarm)

The Doctor's program disappears when Starling downloads 20% of Voyager's computer data files. Future's End, Part 1)

The Doctor tells Starling that he recently suffered a severe program loss and that he is still in the process of retrieving his memory files; he tells Starling that he should find a good psychotherapist; Starling wants the Doctor to give him Janeway's psychological profile; the Doctor feels pain and fear when Starling reconfigures the Doctor's tactile response sensors; the Doctor is able to go to places not equipped with a holoprojection system using Starling's mobile holo-emitter; Rain calls the Doctor "Mr. Leisure Suit"; Rain says that the Doctor has the worst, worst taste in clothing she's ever see; Porter and Butch try to shoot the Doctor when he comes to rescue Chakotay and Torres; the Doctor says that he will have more to his life than sickbay now that he has the autonomous holo-emitter; he suggests to Janeway that he be given his own quarters. (Future's End, Part 2)

The Doctor creates a synthetic antigen to combat the macrovirus. (Macrocosm)

Janeway tries to delete the Doctor when he fills the bio-forcefield with a neural toxin in order to carry out the euthanasia; the Doctor is able to drive the alien out of Janeway's cerebral cortex using direct synaptic stimulation. (Coda)

The Doctor creates a holographic Vulcan woman in order to help Vorik resolve the Pon Farr. (Blood Fever)

The Doctor develops a personality improvement program so that he will have an improved bedside manner, a fresh prespective on diagnosis, and more patience with his patients; he interviews historical personalities and selects character elements that he finds admirable and incorporates them into his program; the new subroutines cause a problem with his program when they begin to degrade; the Doctor kidnaps Kes and beams to the planet hoping that he can find a way off the planet; Torres finally is able to delete all the Doctor's new subroutines so that he returns to normal. (Darkling)

In the reality that Kes is experiencing, while she is in the bio-temporal chamber the Doctor tells Kes that she is the finest friend that he ever had; the Doctor has taken the name Van Gogh; during the Year of Hell, the Doctor is offline for months. (Before and After)

The Doctor creates a holo-family in order to experience family life for himself; his requirements for a wife include intelligence, educated, and organizational skills; his database contains everything there is to know about perdiatric care and childhood development; Wednesday is the Doctor's day to cook dinner for his holo-family; the Doctor experiences problems with his holo-family after Torres adds randomized behavior algorithms to the program; he shuts down the program because he says that he couldn't begin to face his daughter's death; Paris persuades him to reactivate the program so that he can say goodbye to his daughter and be there for his family when they need him most. (Real Life)

The Nyrians try to delete the Doctor's program; Chakotay downloads the Doctor into the mobile emitter in order to save his program; Torres reconfigures the Doctor's optical scanners to detect the microwave signature of the portals; Torres turns off the Doctor's voice when he interferes in Torres's and Paris's argument. (Displaced)

Janeway tells the Doctor to transfer all the information about the nanoprobe modifications into his holomatrix so that they can erase his program if the Borg threatens Voyager. (Scorpion, Part 1)

The Doctor and Torres take a shuttle and beam onto the ship that sent the distress call; the Doctor tells Dejaren that when he was first activated, the crew considered him little more than a walking tricorder; he says that now he has earned the respect of the crew as an equal and that he is pursuing personal interests such as art, literature and music. (Revulsion)

Torres tries to transfer the Doctor back to sickbay when they discover that his program is being deleted, but he disappears before she is able to do it; he hides in the Da Vinci simulation on the holodeck; after the aliens are gone, the Doctor is able to remove the alien devices and genetic tags from the crew. (Scientific Method)

The Doctor must close the hatch and leave Strickler and Emmanuel on Deck 5 to die when they can't make it to the hatch in time; the Doctor tells Paris that emotional detachment is essential when treating patients or you risk impairing your judgment. (Year of Hell, Part 1)

The Doctor reports that he has repaired the optronic error in his program; he formally relieves Janeway of command but she refuses to comply; Janeway sends Tuvok, Neelix, Seven and the Doctor to the Mawasi ships. (Year of Hell, Part 2)

Janeway says that if they aren't successful in preventing the Mari from carrying out the sentence on Torres that she hopes the Doctor can figure out how to reverse an engramatic purge. (Random Thoughts)

The Doctor is going crazy being confined to sick bay since his mobile emitter has been stolen. (Concerning Flight)

Voyager decides to send the Doctor to the Starfleet vessel after they are unable to send a carrier wave signal and they don't have enough time to reconfigure a message to send in another holographic data stream; the Mark 2 EMH says that the Doctor, a Mark 1 EMH, is an inferior program and has beady eyes and a terrible bedside manner; the Doctor says that he is as close to a sentient life form as a hologram could be; Nevala suggests that they do a complete algorithm extraction of the Doctor so that they can analyze his subroutines one by one; the Doctor has had 2 piloting lessons on a shuttlecraft on the holodeck; the Doctor and the EMH 2 incapacitate the Romulans on board the Prometheus. (Message in a Bottle)

The Doctor is trying to instruct Seven on the "social graces". (Prey)

The Doctor helps Seven try to retrieve her repressed memories; after re-examining the evidence, the Doctor believes that Kovin may be innocent of attacking Seven; after Kovin's death, he asks Janeway to delete the algorithms responsible for his desire to expand beyond his original programming; Janeway denies his request since she believes the crew has benefited greatly from his improvements. (Retrospect)

The Hirogen force the Doctor to treat the wounded crew members so that they can send them back to the holodeck again; the Doctor disables Seven's neural interface by remodulating one of her Borg implants to emit a jamming signal. (The Killing Game, Part 1)

The Hirogen deactivate the Doctor when he refuses to treat an injured Hirogen before a more seriously wounded Voyager crew member; Janeway reactivates the Doctor in Holodeck 2. (The Killing Game, Part 2)

The Doctor is concerned that Paris hasn't spent any time on his Sickbay training in weeks; Steth/Paris cons the Doctor by telling him that he will never be half the healer that the Doctor is. (Vis a Vis)

Quarren says that the Doctor is a living witness to history and could be the most important discovery of all time; the holograph that Quarren finds is actually a backup copy of the original Doctor; the Doctor's program was disabled after Voyager was attacked by a Kyrian ship; after the protests start, the Doctor wants Quarren to decompile his program so that the conflict will stop; because of the Doctor's testimony, a dialogue was opened between the Vaskans and the Kyrians; the Doctor served as surgical chancellor for many years until he took a small craft and set course for the Alpha Quadrant attempting to trace the path of Voyager. (Living Witness)

Janeway leaves the Doctor in charge when all the crew except he and Seven are put into stasis; the Doctor can't use his mobile emitter when the electro-modulator is damaged; after he ties his mobile emitter into the EPS power conduits and they overload, his program goes offline. (One)

The Doctor's mobile emitter is damaged during transport and ends up embedded in One's cerebral cortex. (Drone)


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